Elegant Designs

Easy to use, easier to appreciate. 

Our clients include Lucasfilm, the Chevron Corp. board of directors, Sir Richard Branson, Dr. Oz, Vice President Joe Biden, the California State Legislature, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, UC Davis, UC Berkeley, Tom Steyer, Apple Computer, Buzz Aldrin and many others! 

TeleSteppers are proudly made in Northern California.  Our commitment to fine craftsmanship and reliability comes from a pursuit of perfection and American quality.  Each of our products is assembled by expert technicians, ensuring integrity and reliability.

Your source for robotic teleprompting products!

Happy Clients

Our industrial designers focused on cylindrical surfaces with disappearing edges, vital for high-profile events.  Every feature was created to please both operator and audience.  Choose from a variety of sizes to fit your needs.

Exquisite Craftsmanship