About Us

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The TeleStepper Company Bus


It all started when…

TeleStepper was founded in 2014 by Engineers Steve McNerney and Thom Tanner with the idea that Teleprompters must be functional, reliable and cost-effective.  This way of thinking won many clients by providing for their success. 

Today, after many hours of engineering, design validation and practical testing we offer products which are rugged enough to use daily, in a variety of situations and in permanent installations.

Our Values

At TeleStepper, we believe a successful business is not based on profit alone. To us, it is a moral obligation to consider the good of the American economy while also pursuing what is best for our company. With that in mind, we are proud to support American jobs and manufacturing with the production of our products. Our products are designed and manufactured in Nevada City, CA which provides good-paying jobs that support American families.

We are willing to accept a lower profit margin by choosing not to outsource overseas. Having our engineers close ensures the highest quality of product. In addition, our US-based customer service enables us to have a reliable support team that not only understands how to troubleshoot technology, but who can also relate with our customers’ needs.

When you choose TeleStepper, you’re helping keep America’s economy strong.

What Clients Say

Steve King, Prompt-Service New Zealand.

"I love the quick set-up of TeleStepper- the smart, low-profile design, and ease of operation. But just as important is the awesome support and customer service. I have other prompter gear from around the world and being way down in New Zealand, my biggest consideration these days is the quality of remote support. TeleStepper has gone above and beyond, meaning I have complete confidence in my purchase and don't feel like just another customer.   Clients love the system, and my operators love its reliability and quick rig and de-rig."

Clint Fletcher, Message-Accomplished Prompting, Inc.

   "After doing mountains of research on and speaking with the folks at TeleStepper, we chose it for its well designed style, durability, and reliability. We have not been disappointed. We have used them on multiple events, and they've proven themselves time after time, every time. The system is very smooth, quiet, and accurate. We simply love it! TeleSteppers are the industry standard that all others are to be measured against." 

Ralph Kelliher, Chevron and HP Event Contractor

   "The TeleStepper has proven to be the perfect solution for the annual meeting of a multi-billion dollar company that has an executive team ranging in height from 5'5" to 6'7".  Now they all have their scripts at the perfect comfortable eyeline! And I love the reliability of this fully hardwired system… having no wireless signal worries at these mission-critical events is a big relief.”

Neil Tanner, Neil Tanner Teleprompting

   "Affordable, quiet and robust...three words that come to mind in describing the TeleStepper!"