Introducing TeleSpin!


TeleSpin is the perfect tool for positioning studio prompters and PTZ cameras!

Want to operate your studio teleprompters using VISCA protocols? We have you every direction! The TeleSpin is an industry-first, tripod-mounted module which allows 180 degree rotation of any teleprompter. 


Why Choose TeleSpin?


Integration  Our TeleSpin seamlessly integrate with industry VISCA® protocols for both pan and tilt functions.


Tilt Capability  Add our tilt module (not shown) to allow +/- 15 degrees of angle adjustment.


Presets or Computer Control  Our TeleSpin can be controlled via 4 button position “learn” button presets and paddle switch, our RS-485 converter, which allows commands from any computer, or WiFi control via USB computer port.


Adaptivity A variety of mounting options allow any studio teleprompter to mount to the TeleSpin. 


Performance Weighing only 7lbs, the TeleSpin has a weight capability of 285lbs and is only 1-1/2” thick!


See TeleSpin In Action!


Watch: TeleSpin makes shifting between talent easy!

See TeleSpin in action as it rotates between presets, above.


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