What Clients Say

Clint Fletcher, Message-Accomplished Prompting, Inc.

   "After doing mountains of research on and speaking with the folks at TeleStepper, we chose it for its well designed style, durability, and reliability. We have not been disappointed. We have used them on multiple events, and they've proven themselves time after time, every time. The system is very smooth, quiet, and accurate. We simply love it! TeleSteppers are the industry standard that all others are to be measured against." 

Ralph Kelliher, Chevron and HP Event Contractor

   "The TeleStepper has proven to be the perfect solution for the annual meeting of a multi-billion dollar company that has an executive team ranging in height from 5'5" to 6'7".  Now they all have their scripts at the perfect comfortable eyeline! And I love the reliability of this fully hardwired system… having no wireless signal worries at these mission-critical events is a big relief.”

Steve King, Prompt-Service, New Zealand

   "Affordable, quiet and robust...three words that come to mind in describing the TeleStepper!"