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Tim Cook, Apple CEO

Tim Cook, Apple CEO


Why Choose TeleStepper?



TeleSteppers are proudly made in Northern California.  Our commitment to fine craftsmanship and reliability comes from a pursuit of perfection and American quality.  Each of our products is assembled by expert technicians, ensuring integrity and reliability.


Our industrial designers focused on cylindrical surfaces with disappearing edges and hidden fasteners, vital for high-profile events.  Every feature was created to please both operator and audience.


Made In America

While other companies seek to rely on foreign labor to manufacture their products, each TeleStepper is proudly assembled in the United States.


TeleStepper Features


Fast height adjustment-

Control heights from up to 1000' away using our real-time remote! A backlit LCD display allows fast height adjustments to 24 positions in 1" increments. Linear or non-linear increments can be customized to your specific needs

Mirror Clamp Views.jpeg

Mirror clamp with super Gecko® grip!

Our patent-pending mirror clamp features an industry-first hidden angle adjustment with a full +/- 20 degree rotation.  High-friction Gecko® grip mirror clamp surfaces ensures your glass is secure!


Robust Design!

TeleSteppers use solid shafting- not flimsy, sectional mechanisms that shake when wind, portable stages or loud music are present. Our components are made exclusively of aircraft aluminum, stainless-steel and Delrin® for longevity.  All electronics have RoHS certification, and components are UL and CE listed.


Fast, Easy Setup

TeleSteppers can be set up in less than 5 minutes. Plug in the power cord, attach the Ethernet cable and stands to the bases, add mirrors and monitors. Done!

Custom Velocities And Positioning

Users have the option of ordering their TeleStepper with custom speeds, custom number of increments and whether those increments are linear or non-linear. Another benefit of owning a TeleStepper!

Computer or Hand-held Remote Control

Operate our TeleStepper with the hand-held remote or computer/text control via RS485 interface.

24/7 Customer Service And 3 Year Warranty

We stand behind every TeleStepper we sell (literally!), and provide assistance with TeleSteppers and advice on everything teleprompting.


TeleStepper Accessories


Auxiliary Kit:

Need mirrors? Monitors? Cables? Not to worry! TeleStepper offers an auxiliary kit which includes Beamsplitter® glass (11X14), 17” high-bright 1200NTS monitors, VGA or SDI cables, Distribution Amplifier/Splitter and a scrollwheel, all conveniently packaged in a rolling, ATA-approved flight case.


Tellestepper Case Opened C.jpg

Flight Case:

For extreme portability and frequent travel, TeleStepper recommends our waterproof, ATA-approved, wheeled flight case. A complete TeleStepper with packaging weighs less than 48lbs!



Extensions- 12” and 18”

Our most popular accessory is our extenders, which allow TeleSteppers to be placed below elevated stages.  They are available in 12” and 18” lengths, sold in pairs




Standard TeleStepper baseplates are 3/8” thick aluminum, but for very windy, outdoor applications, choose our heavier 5/8” baseplates, which feature 3 perimeter holes and one center, chamfered hole.  Six adjustment holes allow any monitor from 15” to 22” to be mounted and aligned perfectly. Sold in pairs.


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